Tavo Studio

TAVO is a multidisciplinary studio pioneering the art of treating surrealism with realism. Whether organic or abstract, their creations are based on real textures and physical simulations that allow you to touch the impossible with your fingertips. Image and film are the two favourite expression fields of Tavo Ponce, the founder, whose technical skills are only equalled by his boundless creativity.

Publications and awards

OFFF Barcelona 2002 Instalacion CUBE, Caja Navarra 2003 Arround European Logos 2005 Jury Select H Indexbook MadInSpain 2007 Diesel Catwalk Milano 2009. Jury “Anuario de creatividad del CdC” 2009 Select G Select Europe 2010 MadInSpain 2011 Inspirational Event 2011 WeMadeThis Book Pause Fest Australia 2013 Typo_Mad 2013 Art Director Club Miami Laus Awards 2014 Book & Jury


Nike, NBC, AXN, Netflix, Diesel, Loewe, One Plus, Fox, Samsung, Delvaux, Loewe...

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