In "Rooms", I wanted to explore the concept of Hell and what it represents for me. Each character is trapped in his own obsession, his mind obscured by a mask he created himself.

There's no escape from "Rooms", only a singular moment repeating itself for all eternity.

Olivier Caron

Rooms 01 - 06

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  • Roles

    Cloth Design, Character Designer, Digital Artist, 3D Modelers

  • Tools

    After Effects, Cinema 4D, Marvelous, Photoshop, redshift, Substance

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  • Medias

    Art, Personal work

Olivier Caron

Director, Artistic Director and Motion Designer, Olivier Caron develops a hybrid universe on the borders of photo-realism and abstraction. He began his career in advertising and film at Film Factory, then he signed his first projects for Yamaha and Constellium while collaborating with Vincent Chazal on a series of films for Bourjois. Having joined the Pôle Nord group in 2015, Olivier Caron designs and creates films and interactive experiences for prestigious clients (Michelin, Dior, Allociné ...) while continuing to develop personal projects combining CGI and live action.


Michelin, Yamaha, Bourjois, Dior, Allociné

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